ATMA Membership Application

In order to become a member of ATMA, you must complete the application, pay the application fee and the annual dues, have two members from different households complete the sponsorship forms, and sign the Code of Ethics. If you don't know any members of ATMA, you may only subscribe to the Gazette. However, after you have been a subscriber for at least two years, if you then wish to apply for membership, members of the Board of Directors may choose to act as your sponsors. Each member receives one vote, and an annual subscription to the ATMA Gazette.

Fees are as follows:  
Junior Membership (under 18 yrs-no vote):
Regular Membership (Individual):
Regular Membership (Two members in same household):
International Membership (Individual outside of U.S):
International Membership (Two memberships, same household, outside of U.S):
Subscription to the Gazette only (domestic)
Subscription to the Gazette only (international)

**NOTE: In addition to the annual dues, you must send in a $35 non-refundable application fee.

Your Name: *
Your Email Address: *
Phone Number: (H)*

Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
Country (if other than the US):
Do you currently have a Tibetan Mastiff? Yes No *Not a requirement for membership
If yes, please provide the following information for each TM you own or co-own: Registration Number, Registered Name, Sex, Date Whelped, Breeder, from whom purchased, and date purchased.

Have you bred a litter(s) of TMs in the last five years? Yes No
If yes, please provide the following information for each TM litter: Litter Registration Number, and Date Litter Whelped.
Are you now exhibiting your TMs or do you intend to exhibit? Yes No
Conformation: Tracking: Obedience: Schutzhund:
Is your TM trained in some special activity? Yes No
If yes, please indicate the type of activity (Example: Rescue Work, Attack or Guard Work, etc.)

Have you ever been a handler or judge at an ATMA or other dog club licensed dog show or sanctioned or fun match? Yes No
Do you now or in the past own(ed) other breeds of dogs? Yes No
If yes, please provide the following information: Breeds and Number of dogs of each breed owned, and Litters bred for each breed.

Do you exhibit your other dogs? Yes No
Conformation: Obedience: Tracking: Schutzhund:
Please list all dog club affiliations, both in the USA and any foreign country, and also list how long you have been affiliated with each dog club:
Are you now or have you ever been an officer in any other dog club? Yes No
If yes, please specify position(s) held:
Have you ever been suspended or expelled from any dog organization? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
Do you advertise in any of the following?
National Dog Magazines: Breed Magazines: Newspapers: Breed Club Newsletters: Farm Publications:
If so, please identify where:
Do you or any member of your family have an affiliation with any type of animal-related business such as pet stores, grooming, boarding kennels, or act as a dog broker or sales agent? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
Do you have any specific qualifications which would be of service to our club? Yes No
If yes, please describe:
Briefly state how you became interested in and acquainted with the Tibetan Mastiff breed:
Briefly state your reasons for becoming a member of the ATMA. In addition, were you ever a member of ATMA, and if so, why did you leave, and why do you now wish to rejoin?

With the view to the protection and betterment of the breed of dog known as the Tibetan Mastiff, I/We agree to abide by the Constitution and the By-Laws of this Club which is to create and promote a healthy interest in the Tibetan Mastiff. I/We agree to abide by the rules and regulation of the American Kennel Club.

APPLICANTS: I/We certify that I/We have answered the above questions in a true and correct manner:
Applicant (1) Signature: Date:
Applicant (2) Signature: Date:

SPONSORS: Please list the names of two ATMA members in good standing with ATMA who will be your sponsors:
Sponsor (1) Name:
Sponsor (2) Name:

I understand that this application will be acted upon at the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Club following submission of a complete application, signed Code of Ethics and two sponsorship forms and publication of my name in the next issue of the ATMA Gazette, and that, if not accepted, the dues submitted herewith, will be promptly refunded.

After submitting this form you will momentarily be taken to a payment page to complete your transaction.

Thank you for your application!

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