Secretary: Rebecca Chambliss

I have a degree in Art History from University of San Diego as well as a certificate in Grant Writing and Fund Raising from UCLA. I am currently back in school studying Design as well as working in residential Real Estate.

I have always loved dogs and have been fortunate enough to work with them in a few of my many careers. I was in charge of the adoption program at a large county shelter and owned a Doggy Boutique in Los Angeles for several years.

My first Tibetan Mastiff came to me as a rescue about 14 years ago. I've been involved with both the breed and with Rescue ever since. I have been a member of ATMA for several years and serve on the board of TM Rescue as Vice President. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles with my 5 TMs: Reilly, Rajah, Lily, Cassius, Gracie, and 4 cats.

I have strong feelings that TMs are not for everyone and that educating potential owners is the key to reducing the ever growing numbers of dogs in need of rescue in our breed.